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Harness the Power of Link Wheels!
Building links using link wheels is one of the most effective ways to acquire back links. A link wheel is a set of web 2.0 pages interlinking to each other in a wheel format and to a main “hub” page that is promoted to rank better in the search engines.

Quality Submissions’ program is unique
Not only will the experts in QS be able to build you a unique link wheel, we’ll also be able to promote each page in the wheel to increase overall link juice.

We offer unmatched experience in creating high quality, well marketed link wheels which will not only result in better search engine rankings, but also sustainable results for your website.

Choose QS for your link wheels

  • High quality content written by trained experts.
  • Link Wheel encompasses strategic web 2.0 properties.
  • Magazine style web 2.0 pages created with images.
  • Each created web 2.0 page submitted to top quality bookmarking sites.
  • Round the clock support.
  • Best prices in the market.
5 Link Wheel
  • 5 Property
  • 25 RSS Submission
  • 10 Bookmarks to each Property
  • 250 Words Spun Content
10 Link Wheel
  • 10 Property
  • 35 RSS Submission
  • 10 Bookmarks to each Property
  • 300 Words Spun Content
15 Link Wheel
  • 15 Property
  • 50 RSS Submission
  • 10 Bookmarks to each Property
  • 400 Words Spun Content
25 Link Wheel
  • 25 Property
  • 100 RSS Submission
  • 10 Bookmarks to each Property
  • 500 Words Spun Content

What is a web 2.0 site?
A web 2.0 site is a highly interactive site such as social networking site, video sharing site etc. They allow users to interact with each other and even change site content.

What will be the content of the web 2.0 pages you create for me?
The content will be chosen based on a research about the subject of your website. Content and concepts that are most relevant to your website will be used to create the web 2.0 pages.

Will I be charged extra for the creation of the web 2.0 pages?
No. The charges will be as per the package you choose.